Monday, June 30, 2008

How to Make Your Ex Fall in Love With You Again

Here is something that you guys might have heard of before. Girls LOVE romance! If you want to make them fall and fall hard, you have to ride up to them like their knight in shining armour. So what if they have dumped you recently and right now they even HATE you? Well, as you know, there is a very thin line between love and hate. If they vehemently despise you for whatever reason right now, take that as still a GOOD sign.

Here is what you need to do to make your ex girlfriend or any woman fall in love with you:

  1. Be confident, confident and confident! Girls love confident men who know what they want and takes ACTION to get it. If you want her, go all out dramatic and crazy to show you want her. This does NOT mean acting like a drama queen and crying and begging them to come back. This is NOT confidence.

  1. Give not a good apology, but an AMAZING apology. You can not expect to simply say ‘I’m sorry, you are the love of my life’ and all will be forgiven. Put a lot of thought into your apology. Do something really creative but most importantly from the bottom of your heart. You need to be extremely genuine and honest. If a simple note or simply apologizing in person will not do. It’s time to get theatrical. Send her dozens and dozens of flowers (if she likes flowers that is), show her you love her in front of 1000s of people (just make sure you know she won’t get too embarrassed and hate you for it). You get the picture. Obviously you know your girl best, so think of something especially for HER.

  1. Obviously even if your spell is working on her by this point, you still can not expect the relationship to last unless you deal with what the initial issues were that broke up the relationship in the first place. You and her need to have a nice talk about it and understand you BOTH need to put the effect into making the relationship work again. See a counsellor or professional if you must, but do something instead of falling back into old routines.

  1. If you have tried apologizing and showing her great gestures of love but she still resists, it’s time to back off just a little bit. At least in front of her eyes anyway. Ease off contact for a few weeks to give her space. Make sure thought that you use this time to work on yourself. Work out, eat healthy, take care of yourself mentally and physically, and make sure all your friends and her friends WITNESS this. Word will get back to her and this will make her curious.

  1. Start dating and socializing. Get yourself out there and have fun. You’re not trying to get her jealous although you might, but you should never do it DELIBERATELY you know what I mean? Just enjoy yourself during this time. DON’T however sleep around if you still want your ex back. If she wants to come back, she might not like the fact you slept with 10 other girls right after the break up.

Will these work for you? Nothing will do it if you don’t do anything. Of course I know not many men WOULD do it because they can’t get over themselves and feel like it’s not in their personality to show massive signs of affection. But really that’s what girls want to see. Girls all secretly want a ‘real life’ knight that won’t care how silly or dumb they look just to show them how much they love them. I hope you find the inner knight within you.


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